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Fur & Feather, The
12 Reviews
Slad Lane
Phone : 01603 720003
Email :
Homepage :
Directions - Boat : Walk from Opposite the Ferry, Horning (2 miles) or Salhouse Broad (1 mile or so)
Directions - Car :
Latitude: Longitude:
Affiliation: Woodforde

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Fur & Feather, The                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Photo Provided by Derek Fur & Feather, The                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Photo Provided by Derek
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Entry Last Updated By : NorfolkNog 02 Dec 2007

Reviewed By : shakespeare
Review Date : July 11 2011

Has been a favourite for several years, but the menu now has little to my taste. The prices have climbed steeply and are now more than we are prepared to pay as the vfm is not good.

Mooring Description :
A short walk from Salhouse Broad (plenty of moorings), oor for more exercise try the staithe opposite Horning Ferry.
Food Description : Not Reviewed
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

Reviewed By : Hirecraftuser
Review Date : July 18 2010

Mooring Description :
Moorings are plenty and a water point there too. Just remember mooring is shallow on left hand side when going into broad. Thats if coming up from Horning.Hope makes sense!
Food Description :
Food was brill.Beer was GREAT! Could spend a week just walking backwards and forwards from Salhouse broad.
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

Reviewed By : Brian152
Review Date : May 11 2009
Not very friendly

Did a slight detour on our way to pick up our holiday boat from Stalham. Beer was good but the Landlord was more interested in talking to the locals than to visitors. Felt outsiders.

Mooring Description :
Not kbown
Food Description :
Did not eat
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

Reviewed By : Geof&Linda
Review Date : March 29 2008
Well worth the walk

We called in here during a heavy snow storm on Easter Monday. this was before picking up our boat in Brundall. It got very busy. We sampled all their real ales (there were four of us) and all were in tip top condition. My favourite of the visit was Nelsons Revenge. Bar staff were friendly and efficient. Pub and its facilities are very clean and welcoming. Children not allowed in the bar area, but there was still room elsewhere inside for families with the ambiance of a pub and not a play barn!

Mooring Description :
Walked to see Salhouse Broad - one of our regular mooring places we have been using for over 40 years. Rather horrified to see that charges start from £1.50 for up to an hour's stay. No piped water and the only bin at the broad was for dog waste.
Food Description :
Expect to pay an average of £10 a head for most main courses. However, the food and waitresses meant we did not begrudge the expense. The food and the beer set us up for our week on the Broads.
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

Reviewed By : NorfolkNog
Review Date : December 26 2007
Bit disappointing this time

I have been in this pub on numerous occasions. Food is expensive but good, just check on the number of cars in the car park. A local it is not. The beer is up and down. You can go in on some occasions and it is very good. Other times not so good. On my last visit (Dec 07) the Wherry and Sundew were poor. Almost undrinkable. As this is Woodforde’s showcase pub it possibly indicates where their priorities lie in terms of food and beer. There always seem to be new faces behind the bar which leads me to think it changes hands pretty regularly. Go in by all means, it is an experience. However if you want to be guaranteed a top quality pint of Woodforde’s go to the Fat Cat or one of the other excellent Good Beer Guide listed pubs in Norwich. Or buy a beer box from the shop! I’ll be back to the Fur and Feather. But I will order halves to check the quality the next time I visit!!

Mooring Description :
Moor at Salhouse Broad. Access is also possible via the road opposite Horning Ferry pub but is a longer walk.
Food Description :
Food is expensive but of above average quality.
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

Reviewed By : musky
Review Date : August 02 2007

Not a bad pub decent beer if you like Woodfordes. Food good but expensive. Often too busy for comfort. Still def. worth a look.

Mooring Description : Not Reviewed
Food Description :
Nice but pricey - kids ate same as adults and therefore cost a fortune!
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

Reviewed By : NorfolkNog
Review Date : December 26 2006
Nearest Thing to Heaven???

This pub is unique in that it is the only place where you can drink the full range of Woodforde’s beers. Very good they are too ranging from the tasty Mardler’s Mild to the dangerously drinkable Headcracker. You would expect the place to be full of seasoned drinkers putting a few pints away. In reality this doesn’t happen. The pub has a deserved reputation for food. Rightly so but I have always had a suspicion that 90% of the customers go for the food and the pub could easily be selling John Smith’s and no one would notice. Beer sales, I suspect, are a fraction of the turnover. Even the small posse of locals at the end of the bar have pretty in-flexible right arms. The beer is served by gravity from taps on fake barrel fronts. What the beer is stored in is anyone’s guess but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was in polypins, the pub simply doesn’t seem to turn around enough beer to keep casks in good condition. It is a shame, Wherry in particular needs a decent turnover to keep it in good nick, it soon seems to oxidise when sales are slow. To be fair the beer quality was very good and seemed better than it has been in recent years. No problems with the food, bit pricey but very good. Try the steak and kidney pud, it will fill you up for the day! This pub is always worth visiting. Whatever the minor niggles, where else can you get a pint of Norfolk Nog? The place itself is a fantastic experience and as long as you bear in mind that you are in an eating establishment rather than a pub you won’t be disappointed. Note also that the entire pub is now non smoking. Salhouse Broad is the nearest access point by water, a brisk walk takes about 15 minutes, 20 for a more leisurely stroll. Take the path through the woods (don’t forget a torch at night) and turn left at the road. It’s a gentle gradient uphill on the way but pleasantly downhill on the way back.

Mooring Description : Not Reviewed
Food Description : Not Reviewed
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

Reviewed By : bricktop
Review Date : September 04 2006

Pleasant walk from Salhouse Broad (approx. 20mins) Nice looking pub and brewery ,staff were very pleasant.Beer was the best I`ve had in a long time.

Mooring Description :
Salhouse Broad or Woodbastwick Staithe at Horning.
Food Description :
Great food,huge portions very child friendly. Very good value for money. WE WILL RETURN.
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

Reviewed By : shakespeare
Review Date : July 12 2006
Consistently excellent

Must rank as one of the best pubs in the known universe. Food, beer, wine, waitresses(!), service, greetings and insults all top-quality.

Mooring Description :
Pay and walk from Salhouse Broad, or walk from Woodbastwick Staithe (opposite Horning Ferry) - two miles there, three-and-a-half back!
Food Description :
Cannot fault the meals, service and vfm (there is always more on the plate than we can finish).
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

Reviewed By : Richard
Review Date : October 06 2005
A must see

great beer, great food, lovely walk from Salhouse

Mooring Description :
good moorings at Salhouse. Just walk up the track through the wood and turn left at the road
Food Description :
Not cheap, but good
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

Reviewed By : shakespeare
Review Date : June 02 2005
A "must visit" every time.

As my previous review, nothing to add except that it remains one of the top pubs in the known universe.

Mooring Description :
Woodbastwick Staithe - opposite Horning Ferry - gives an easy 2 mile stroll (very quiet roads) to work up an appetite / thirst.
Food Description :
Excellent as ever. Huge portions superbly cooked and excellent service, which together turn the apparent priciness into very good VFM.
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

Reviewed By : shakespeare
Review Date : August 23 2004
Always Brilliant

A wonderful conversion of four old cottages to create the brewery tap, with all brews available on stillage. Friendly and efficient service, with a good helping of the local dry humour. Family restaurant area (non-smoking, as is most of the available space).

Mooring Description :
Salhouse Broad - plenty of moorings if you are prepared to pay! A mile or so to walk. Woodbastwick Staithe - opposite the Ferry in Horning - several moorings. Two miles to walk but easy and well worth it.
Food Description :
Have eaten here several times in the last twelve months, always first-class. Not cheap but good value.
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

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