Topic: Insight, in to confirming broad model

Terencecarter    -- Nov-14-2019 @ 8:57 PM
  Hello everyone I was reaching out for some help in finding out some more information about this broad cruiser. It is very similar to the monarch 43 ft 1938 broad cruiser. Does anyone have and knowledge of this boat as I am trying to register it as a historic vessel but cant seem to find much history about it. Seems like due to its age it has been neglected and I would love to find out the model and year of manufacture.

Kind regards Terence

Terence carter

JanetAnne    -- Nov-15-2019 @ 7:53 AM
  You have one of Richardson's finest there

possibly a Broadsventure maybe a Pacesetter or Fulmar

Have a look round "Boats of the Norfolk Broads" at Richardson's fleet in the late 60's for a definitive answer.

My money is probably on Fulmar without looking.

If I am a "woody" how come there are no "fibreglassy's" "plasticy's" or "steelies"?

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Paladine    -- Nov-15-2019 @ 11:17 AM
Welcome to the forum. I can't help with identification but the site JanetAnne referred to is this one There is a boat search facility so you can have a browse around. Just enter a boat name.

Have you checked the underside of any drawers, if they seem original? Hire boats often had the name marked on the drawers, which saved confusion during winter-time work.

You might also like to contact Richardson's directly.

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