Topic: Canopy/Roof Rollers

lgwarren    -- Jan-11-2018 @ 3:49 PM
  I wonder if any of you peeps can point me in the right direction.
I have a Bounty 40 CC. I need to replace at least one of the rollers that support the roof/canopy.
It is hard to locate anything on the web, so would appreciate some help.

Lindsay and Pat

Marshman    -- Jan-11-2018 @ 7:37 PM
  I suspect someone will be along soon - every boatyard must know!!!!!

ADI    -- Jan-11-2018 @ 8:28 PM
  like these

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essexboy    -- Jan-12-2018 @ 4:42 PM
  I used Sash window rollers on one of my previous boats,
cheap from builders merchants. (if you can still get them !)

George Sims

lgwarren    -- Jan-18-2018 @ 11:41 AM
  Thanks for the replies and the picture sent.
Unfortunately, it differs somewhat from mine.
I am due to visit there shortly so will get some pictures. Mine seems to mount through a 2" ish plate from the side.


lgwarren    -- Feb-21-2018 @ 8:03 PM
  OK I have eventually got the photos taken. I hope someone will recognise them.


lgwarren    -- Feb-21-2018 @ 8:08 PM


lgwarren    -- Feb-21-2018 @ 8:14 PM


steve    -- Feb-21-2018 @ 8:40 PM
  Food for thought , but it may pay to go to Herbert woods to see if they can help you , as they have a few in there fleet  

steve and vicky
( apparently a moaner)

Paladine    -- Feb-21-2018 @ 8:55 PM
If you can't find a straight replacement, I would think that Marine Weld at North Walsham would be able to manufacture one for you, if you take them an old one as a pattern. But it won't be cheap.

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