Topic: Back on the broads in 2018.

jevy47    -- Nov-29-2017 @ 5:54 PM
  Hi all,
After a not so smart change of holiday in 2017
We will be back on The Broads for 2018.

We (Davey, Julie, Luke & Jack) had our first Broads holiday in 2015 (Carousel 3) and toured all of the Nothern Broads,and loved every minute of it.

In 2016 we toured the Southern Broads from Brundall to Beccles in Fair Commissioner 2.

This year was two weeks spent wishing we were on the Broads.

So next August we will have two weeks aboard Fair Sovereign.

Love the Broads.

I could very happily live there.

Roll on 2018 !!!!

Graham47    -- Dec-1-2017 @ 5:58 PM
  Hi jevy47.
       Welcome to the forum. You will find all you want to know about the Norfolk Broads on here. Sounds like you have caught the bug. I have holidayed on the broads for years. I have tried other holidays but the broads are like a magnet, that keeps drawing me back.

Matt40    -- Dec-1-2017 @ 11:16 PM
  Agree with the magnetism, can never stay away for long. As my Uncle, everyone in Potter knew him as Robbie, used to tell me "sit still, listen and watch and you'll see the most amazing things, and catch a fender or two"

jevy47    -- Dec-2-2017 @ 9:47 AM
  Yes Graham I have well and truly caught the broads bug, but I will not be looking for a cure !!

I'm already looking at YouTube videos to get into the mood for next year. If find them very relaxing.

Thanks for the warm welcome.

Garry1973    -- Dec-5-2017 @ 8:21 PM
  Hi Davey. Welcome.
You will like fair sovereign we were on it this Easter and just booked it again Easter 18.

Great boat nicely presented and great for 4. Did like the upper helm to get the views while the kids could keep warm inside.

Enjoy the weather in August,

Part time Boater

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