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Posted By Discussion Topic: Greetings From The highlands of Scotland

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I am new to the broads coming for a week in august on Barnes brink crafts boat Jazz the old bath tub I'm told we are just a couple originally from kings Lynn and wisbech and I've never been to the broads we did get as far as Cromer and Norwich but no further we was bringing a dog but decided against it now due to the travel.

We are reading as much as we can but is there any one who can give us tips on where a new boater should go or shouldn't go we are worried we will pass the wrong bridges this boat I think cant pass through many so we are limited to our direction  we would like to go to oulton broad via great Yarmouth or Norwich via Yarmouth  are there any guides for suggested routes we have the pubs and the free mooring guides its all a maze the simplest things like which way do we turn out of the boat yard to tying the ropes or mud anchoring worries us until we have done it.  Theres too many ideas and opinions and that makes it harder to know whats best.  We are not worried what we visit we do love the water and would like to cruise for 4 hours to 5 a day  for 3 days then a easier end to the holiday say 3 hours a day any ideas ?   We  start from wroxam 7 days late august  any info on any thing that we can download buy or print would be excellent

Andy In Thurso

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Hi Andy. That's a big ask!
Wroxham to Yarmouth is about 5.1/2 hrs and on to Oulton
is another 3.1/2 hrs or Norwich is 5.1/2 hrs too.
If you want a relaxing break, stay on the northern rivers
as there's plenty to see if you take your time.
Your boat will not pass under Wroxham or Potter Heigham
bridges but will pass under Ludham bridge if the tides
are not overly high.
You can moor for free in any of the hire boat yards but
some pubs do charge for moorings, even a short stop at some.
Hope that helps.

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The better I was....!!

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Welcome Andy, trying to plan routes months in advance may be fun but is totally unnecessary, the Broads cover a relatively small area and there is no where you cant vist in a week if you don't mind long days sailing. Going South is great idea imho and I would suggest you do it at the beginning of your holiday, Yarmouth is best navigated at low water but that is not the only time you can go through, the most important consideration is the clearance at the 2 bridges, a phone call to the Bridge control half a hour before you reach Yarmouth and the knowledge of whether your on the ebb or flow will answer that for you. All bridges have clear height indicators and you will find the clearance needed for your boat in the skippers manuel or on a sticker in the cockpit
I would have thought Brinks Jazz would go under all bridges except Potter and Wroxhamsubject to water levels.


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A welcome from me, too. If you haven't already found them, Richardson's do a series of guides which you may find useful (click this linky thing )

The tide runs through Great Yarmouth rather fast, so it's usually advised to go through at slack low water (or thereabouts). You can find a very useful 'ready reckoner' for working out the best times if you click the link 'Tide Tables', shown in red at the foot of each page on here.

While it's difficult to get lost, with finger posts at most of the junctions, you'll find a map useful. By coincidence  Smile  a map is available from the forum shop (again there is a red link at the foot of each page), although other maps are available.

As TerryTibbs has said, while it's useful to have a rough itinerary in mind, be prepared for it to completely change, when you see somewhere that looks interesting, but wasn't in the original plans.

The person who hands the boat over to you should explain about tying up and mudweighting. If they don't, ask them.

Oh, and turn left when you leave the boatyard (i.e. head downstream towards Horning). There is Wroxham bridge a few hundred yards in the other direction, and you won't fit under there.

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